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Being Heard


As many of you already know, Max is back in school after nearly two years of being homeschooled.

He loves school. Especially his teacher from the first day.

Max was very upset for days about the hitting from a boy and being blamed. He didn’t want to go to school if that pupil didn’t get expelled! I have never seen him that upset before and my mother heart ached.

The next morning in the car we did as we always did, our thanks and prayers. However, Max looked smaller in the front seat than normal.

My mom heart sang the prayers, and especially for courage in his little heart. I said it twice. Courage please!

Later that afternoon I went to pick him up outside school. I see his big smile far away. He is waving with a paper in his hand.

He was awarded the diploma for COURAGE!

That’s Amore!

Horses as Teachers


Since 1997 hade I been working with horses in many different countries. I never trained the horse, I trained the humans (owners and groomers) how to get more out from your horse. (And yourself)

Psychology, health, training, competitions, but mostly, communication between each other.

When the horse becomes a machine, and the horse only “stands” there, the danger have occurred.

His spirit is “locked down”! You will never become a better rider (owner) when you stop listening to your beloved team mate.

One groomer put her horse carrots on the ground outside his open box.

He saw them and it was a delightful temptation for him.

Other Horses with their groomers walked by. The horse with his carrots without reach, put his ears back and threaten the passing horses.

He looked like a crazy horse! Evil!

I could see why, but the others didn’t understand him.

The groomer got irritated and slapped him, not ones, but three times, hard in his face.

This is what I teach. The small signs the Animals shows us, the small communication that gives us the big picture. To become a better teammate.

Animals don’t judge. They are actually our teachers and I, am only the translator! It is difficult not to judge, that is why I admire Animals.

We humans, will always be students our whole life!

That’s Amore!

Depression can it be Contagious?


drowningOnes up on a time,  a relative told me when he got cancer, the whole family got “cancer”. First he didn’t realise it, but a sign with those words in the doctors waiting room made him think deeper about it. Of course, he told me, there is not one family that reacts the same as another one, but pretty close. His whole family crashed into depression, a big change knocked on their door. Would they survive the cancer and marriage?

It made me think. My whole family had been infected by depression, in different stages of course. I always disliked the word depression. But my son (10y) said, “I have sadness in my heart that affects my brain.” He is the smart one –like children always are.


Family depression can also become a blaming cause. Who’s fault is it? Who will need the treatment(s)?

Everyone need treatments not only one family member, everyone gets infected.

Depression/Sadness is contagious, I believe. Some families become stronger after treatment/coaching –we all are responsible in one way or another. However, it is not about who is the worst (blame calling). Other families breaks apart, some members don’t want to deal with it. “Its nothing wrong with me! If you only change, everything will become better.”

Depressions can become ugly if not taken cared off. Ten months ago I fell down into a deep dark whole. I swam in a dark ocean. I couldn’t see anything, only my thoughts were pounding inside my head.

My family were swimming, still we couldn’t see each other. We couldn’t even see the light since we kept looking down. We felt our presens, yet we couldn’t reach each others hands. We were occupied trying to save ourselves from drowning.

Then one day, something triggered me to lift the phone and call for help. The Animals were always there for me as healers. Animals are always in the moment, patient and loving (In the same way I would imagine God) We humans complicates it for each others, and many times for ourselves. That is why we need a human to talk too, to sort out all the fals feelings and beliefs we have told ourselves, or trusted what others had said about us. Maybe old believes that are no longer true.

I broke the pattern in our family, and it was a painful journey, and still is in another way. Nevertheless, even if its painful, I feel like I am now swimming above the surface. Still peddling with my feet like a duke. Trying to get my family up to the surface, and guide them to the best qualified helpers I can find. Now, that was another puzzle, being from one country, living in another nationality, in another country. A language I didn’t even speak.

Thats where I love and adore children. They want help. They understand. They want their parents to be helped.

Many tells me,  I am very strong. person. How do you measure strength?

Life passes on so quickly. I  spoke to several elderly people, and many of them told me the same, ” If I only would have dared more. Fear and shame and regret made me not dare.” (dare to break an old marriage, dare starting something new, dare talking about feelings, showing feeling etc)

I can relate to that. For several years I felt the same, and hid behind the walls were no one could see me crying. Only together with my children, and animals, did I feel something different. Now my soul told me I had to start searching for my answers deep inside of me. Peal the layers off.

I started to surround myself with a new kind of energy, mentors, and love. And started to say good bye and say thanks to the old ones. I thanked them, since they had been my mentors to whom I had become (in good and bad) To show anger towards them who left me wouldn’t help. They left to make room for new teachers arrival.

That’s Amore!


Update GoFundMe Horses


❤️ Hi Everyone,

First and foremost, I want to thank you that has donated and shared this campaign. GoFundMe<<<<<<<
eason for me starting to rescue horses are many. I love horses, they are not only beautiful but also intelligent as many of you already know.

hat many doesn’t know is that after a terrible horse accident when I was 9 years old, made me depressed and terrified for life. I didn’t want to live!

After surgeries, my mom tried so hard to help me. — she joked with me asking if I couldn’t start playing golf. But I wanted to be among horses—

One day she found Hirschof Ridingschool and there was a horse named Sunshine.

He listen too me when I told him about my day. I could cry without him rolling his eyes. Together with him I was in the moment, he brought me back to life.

Miracle is the handsome 26 y old horse that I rescued from Italy. He is amazing and can see when you are sad or happy. He sees your shattered heart.

I want so badly to save Gummi Bear and Rihanna and create, not only a senior retirement place. But for other children with broken hearts that can come out and receive healing from these horses.

I want to give back! Please help me help other children to feel seen and not judged, to feel“I am SomeOne” To meet the best healers.

cannot do this by myself. A beautiful child therapist will be part of my team and many other educated people.

Your gift will be given back to both Animals and Children !

From my ❤️

Yours Olivia

Our New AWL Bag


Totally in love with our new bag! Thank you Sanne Stenbeck for design ✅

Hästens SkyddsÄngel visade mig vägen



Foto Per Johansson.

Krönika Tidningen Nära 

”Vem är det som är ansvarig för den gula hästen som står på baksidan?”, ropade jag till människorna som stod ute på stallplanet. Barnen och jag befann oss åter igen nere i södra Italien för att arbeta med de hemlösa hundarna.

Vi hälsade på ridskolan som vi känt till sedan vi bodde där nere 2008. Plötsligt strömmande en slags stöt av sorg emot mig. Det kändes som att någon drog mig till där känslan befann sig. Jag gick runt stallbyggnaden och såg att det fanns flera hästboxar där. Ett svagt vibrerande ljus lyste vid en liten öppning. ”Hallå, är du ok?”, viskade jag. Den stora gula hästen vände sig om. Han grät! En stark trötthet strålade mot mig.
”Jag lovar att hjälpa dig!”

Genast var det som om jag stod utanför mig själv och såg på medan ljuset agerade. Ut ur min mun flög orden; ”Jag köper hästen!”

Mina barn tjoade glatt, men jag insåg att jag inte kunde få in hästen i bilens baksäte. Vad hade jag gjort? Och barnens pappa hade sagt åt mig innan vi lämnade hemmet att jag inte fick komma hem med flera hundar; ”Vi har redan tio stycken!”. Jag drog upp min telefon och ringde till vänner. Transportfirman, sponsorer och stallplats blev ordnat på tio minuter. Det var magiskt.

Mias dotter Olivia tillsammans med Oregon precis innan avfärd. Foto: Privat

Oregon är en 26 år gammal ridskolehäst som både barn och vuxna älskade att rida runt på för han var så snäll. Marina som tar hand om ridskolan han bodde på blev först lite tveksam. Inte över att Oregon fick komma till mig, utan för den långa resan vi stod inför och kylan som var uppe i Tyskland. Jag förstod att det var svårt för Oregon att säga adjö till en själ som befunnit sig där i flera år. Jag berättade för honom om hur hans nya liv skulle se ut, med gräs, utomhushagar, skogsområde och veterinärteamet som väntade på att ge honom den bästa behandling med värdighet.

Under hela resan upp till Tyskland kommunicerade jag med Oregon. Om hur hans kropp kändes, vad ville han? Varje gång pulserade ett sken runt omkring honom.

Många av mina vänner blev engagerade i Oregon. Den amerikanska kyrkan bad för honom i sin församling. Han blev en kärlekssymbol.

Nu befinner han sig i södra Tyskland på vårt nyöppnade seniorhem för hästar. Han lyssnar till namnet Miracle och gnäggar svagt god morgon när jag kommer. Fortfarande pulserar det ett ljus omkring honom men nu utan tårar. En dag kände jag hur det vibrerade i min jacka. Jag tog upp telefonen.
“Mia, vi har två seniorhästar till om du vill?” hörde jag Marina säga.
”Gör dem klara, vi kommer igen!”

De själsliga blåmärkena är större på insidan än utsidan, men ingen ser märkena på insidan. Djur bär ofta på dubbel smärta då de både får hårda tillrättaviselser och smärtsamma ord. Det skadar dem emotionellt. De har samma själ som er och är lika stora verktyg till denna planet som ni befinner er på. Men glädjen att se hur ni vågar stå upp för djuren och säga nej får vibrationerna på jorden att vibrera till en högre kärlek och sinnesro. Det pulserande ljuset varar då för evigt.


Tips på hur du själv kan göra i en likande situation:
1. Lita alltid på din magkänsla och agera snabbt innan tvivlet tar över din känsla.

2. Agera! Din målmedvetenhet smittar av sig. Det finns många som vill hjälpa men vet inte hur och var de ska börja.

3. Ta kontakt med olika människor för råd och hjälp.

4. Vänlighet och respekt. Alla älskar vi på olika sätt och med att visa andra människor en annorlunda vänlighet kan vi inspirera varandra. Fördöm inte någon, även om du tycker eller känner annorlunda. En aggressivitet kan förstöra för andra djur.

5. Kanske vill några personer försätta tvivel inom dig. Ta deras tvivel och skriv ned dem och svara. Bli inte irriterad. Du behöver inte försvara din passion men av andras tvivel kan du bli bättre i ditt arbete.

6. Se de som tvivlar som ”dina elever”. De finns för att att inspirera dig, inte tillrättavisa. Försök inte att förändra dem med ord utan med ditt agerande.

That’s Amore!
Mia Mattsson-Mercer
http://www.animalswithoutlimitscom.wordpress.com (tillfällig adress)