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Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. It works much better than you may think. Anyone is susceptible to gaslighting, and it is a common technique of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. It is done slowly, so the victim doesn’t realize how much they’ve been brainwashed.

Many say I am to nice, cut nice. Not to be mistaken by being kind. Nice is someone who apologize for everything, even when someone else did wrong.

I was an easy target 🎯 You easily become like that since growing up your mind has been programmed to be confused by adults. As an adult you continue in the same pattern until someone opens your eyes and heart.

That’s Amore!

Time together with You


Volunteering together with my children has always been a joy. I try to do it at least two days a month — do I count all the volunteering hours rescuing animals for our own organization, then we do it every day!

Hands up for America, which is fantastic (many times) with all their different volunteering programs.

You can try new things, get free education, and give back to your community.

When it’s popcorn delivery at my daughters school, it’s a great time to visit her environment. Meet teachers and school friends.

I get another feeling when my daughter tells me about her days, and I am connecting with her stories.

Max had a day off from his school and could join me. Afterwards he told everyone that wanted to listen, he couldn’t wait until he starts middle school.

Little scary, but mostly exiting of course!

This is in an American school, in Germany.

That’s Amore!

Helping Hands and Hearts


In a couple of hours am I meeting a woman I admire in many ways.

She is the founder of the nonprofit organization Kainos. A ministry working against human trafficking and sexual exploitation in prostitution.

Their vision is to see freedom for victims of human trafficking and sexuality exploitation with an opportunity for a new life.

Helping Hand


Last Saturday me and my children joined a manifestation in Stuttgart, Germany.

The amazing thing was that it was a manifestation worldwide.

Against human slavery, prostitution and human trafficking. I think it’s important for everyone to join and learn more about the silent tragedy out there. But also the helping hands that are there. And for a victim, it’s very important to be seen, heard and taken seriously.

And especially today when we are stressed and tired, many are unhappy. We disappear daily into Instagram or FB world, maybe dreaming about someone else’s life.

It doesn’t have to big changes right away. However showing support is a big step in the right direction.

And give someone a compliment, send a heart spontaneous to someone and tell the person you thought about them.

If someone shared an emotional help to you, maybe you cannot help, however, you can show the person that you are there!

Don’t be a stranger!

Don’t say later!

We never know what road we have to walk, or when.

Be a Friend

Be Kind

That’s Amore!

It’s Easy to Forget


Sometimes I forget how long I have been fighting. Fighting against animal abuse, children abuse, bad school systems, but maybe, I mostly forget how much I (am) have been fighting for myself. Growing and Healing in different countries far away from “home”.

With two wonderful amazing children by my side, which I one day Hope will understand my story.❀

⭐Owning your story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.⭐

Lecture Time in Sweden


UllahillsMagasin har bjudit in mig till att förelÀsa om det jag arbetat med i lite mer Àn 20 ar. Mitt liv Ät att hjÀlpa utsatta djur och hjÀlpa mÀnniskor första deras Àlskade djur. VÀlkomna!

Mia Àr en vÀlkÀnd vÀlrenomerad djurkommunikatör och författare.

Under 1,5 timmar fÄr du följa med pÄ Mias spÀnnade resa genom kungahus, till möten med hemlösa, genom mÄnga olika lÀnder, till hot frÄn maffian.

Vad vill djuren lÀra oss och varför Àr de inte rÀdda att lÀmna vÄran jord (livet)

UtifrÄn djurens ögon, hur ser de pÄ oss mÀnniskor.

Hör om djurens helande egenskaper till oss mÀnniskor. Hur de har hjÀlpt Mia genom hennes egna livskriser.

Ett öppet o Àrligt föredrag om Mias spÀnnande liv.

Mia tar hand om gamla och sjuka gatuthundar, övergivna sköldpaddor, ödlor, duvan Petunia, rattor och Afrikanska sniglar i sitt hem. Men ocksÄ hÀstar som lidit av depressioner och vanvÄrd i sitt hemland Tyskland. Utöver det driver Mia Animal without limits sedan 1999 som agerar för att hjÀlpa djur som drabbats av krig eller kaos

Kom och lÄt dig inspireras, fÄ ny kunskap och nya insikter!

Datum: 10/10, 19:00

Pris: 200:- AnmÀlan sker via lÀnken nedan:


PS. Butiken Àr öppen under kvÀllen och ni kan Àven bestÀlla nÄgot Àtbart innan om sÄ önskas. Maila er bestÀllning till info@ullahillsmagasin.se

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Kaffet bjuder vi pÄ!

Detta betalas pÄ plats.

Anette med Personal


Horses as Therapists


Our rescue horse Julia, is an one of our amazing therapists. Helping other children and adults to lower their anxiety, depressions, and their inner negative monologues.

People feel a connection without any words by being present together with the horse(s).

School, or work stress gets off their shoulders, and smiles appears on their faces.

Sometimes you don`t want, or feel ready to talk to a person, or answer uncomfortable questions. Only to be in the moment and breathe, with someone that is there for you with their love. (Little like a grandma feeling)

That’s Amore