Mia Mattsson Mercer

Children and Animal Warrior

August the Challenge


The month August was a tough one for many reasons. As long as I can remember, I never enjoyed August, the month that feels like everyone goes on holiday. 🐬Delivery delays, and to have to cramp it in by myself in the car. (Dog food, shavings, special horse food) However, we are blessed to have the horses at a safe place where they work incredible hard 😓

Of course, in the smallest car ever- but anyway I am thankful !
August gives us less volunteers, and, this summer, we had more young people (from abusive families or divorced) spending time with animals. The economy has already affected them heavily, and their anxiety of not having anything to do over the summer were huge. One young man said “I don’t like school, I don’t have friends, but I cannot wait to go back to have routines. The whole summer I have been alone!”
(Isolation is huge today of numerous reasons)

💙 September is here, and thank you everyone again, for your support, when you cannot be present, your donations helps tremendously 💙 love you all 💙

(more updates to come and stories)

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