Mia Mattsson Mercer

Children and Animal Warrior


If you don’t get involved, your opinions will become weak. With a lot of self-experiences you can write about it, talk about it and fight for it. Turn something negative into light for others.

This describes a little of my next manuscript that I am writing, and the manuscript has been laying for a long time in my “draw” since I started the first sentences back year, 2000. It is a difficult piece to write because it’s the story of my life. You see, my life has been hard, many times it’s been like a dark tunnel of feelings and self-doubts. As a young child two men sexually abused me for many years. Despite hospital a couple of times for treatment of STDs no one said anything. In my medical records, it says I got “it” from a towel!

Growing up in two worlds, one secret and one official, with people that were emotionally closed. I was bullied in school, then one day the ugly duckling became a swan, but never on the inside. Miracle happened,  I became a mother to my two Children, and life would never be the same.

The story of pain goes back to generations and out of fear it can silently transfer from cell to cell, to our memories that lies slumbering.

Can I and will I change the pasts generations of evilness, in order to survive emotionally and properly towards my children and, myself? Or, are we doomed to walk in the same footprints as the past?

It’s about going from victim, to survivor, to warrior, and giving yourself all the worthiness you deserves. Thriving with Grace!

In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.
Andrea Dykstra

That’s Amore!

Read my web-columns at www.tidningennara.se/mia (Swedish). The Swedish Magazine Nara, is one of the biggest spiritual Magazines in Sweden.


Published books in Swedish, is about my work with all kind of animals, from Dolphins, wild animals, farm animals, competition animals, to stray animals. All do they have something to say. How to Listen to the Animals when they Speak.

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