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Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. It works much better than you may think. Anyone is susceptible to gaslighting, and it is a common technique of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. It is done slowly, so the victim doesn’t realize how much they’ve been brainwashed.

Many say I am to nice, cut nice. Not to be mistaken by being kind. Nice is someone who apologize for everything, even when someone else did wrong.

I was an easy target 🎯 You easily become like that since growing up your mind has been programmed to be confused by adults. As an adult you continue in the same pattern until someone opens your eyes and heart.

That’s Amore!

A Story to Share


“You never know how your story might inspire another.

Share what you wish, save some just for you,

And always remember to keep adding new chapters as you go along.”

Maria Shriver

Time to Finish Up


It is truly time to finish up the manuscripts that are laying waiting.

The time is here. I am so excited to finishing up the fourth one.

Cannot wait to share my stories together with you!

This spring and summer am I going to Sweden. South Sweden is on the target!

That’s Amore!

In Spite of Life Threatening Experiences, Still She Wags Her Tail


Column Tidningen Nära

Text: Mia Mattsson-Mercer
Photo: Shutterstock, Private

I immediately saw her.  With her big black eyes she sat in a small cage looking curious at me. It felt like she chose me.
I asked the American Animal Organization to adopt the little cute dog Shiloh. They told me that Shiloh’s mother and siblings had  previous week been gassed to death by the state’s dog patrol.

The veterinarian found out that Shiloh had a kennel cough and had to sit isolated for a while. Back home she quickly grew into my family, along with three other dogs.

We moved from the US to new adventures in southern Italy.
The dogs took the long trip better than us nervous dog owners.

One evening, we walked with Shiloh along the wide Italian street. Suddenly a car arrived at high speed and drove over her!! Severely injured, she was taken to the emergency room.
Nobody thought she would survive.

I prayed day and night for her.

“She’s a miracle dog,” the veterinarians told me when I finally brought her home.

The following year, Shiloh got serious problems with her kidneys. She peed blood.

I was told about a great man, Michael, who could cure animals but who had no veterinary license. Michael was also a good homeopath. No other veterinarian had previously been able to cure Shiloh’s kidney problems.
Instead, they thought we should euthanize her.

Michael examined her and asked several questions. Suddenly, he took hold of Shiloh’s side and with his palm he hit her kidneys.
Shiloh shouted out.

I thought he was crazy!
We left, and with us we got some medicine ampoules.

A couple of weeks later she was healthy!

I told our veterinarian.
“She is a miracle dog,” he said again.

Once again it was time to move to new adventures and this time to southern Germany. Again, Shiloh moved with us but this time with 16 other happy dogs.

Today she is 14 years old. A beautiful limping  greymuzzle Senior, but still the same positive attitued as the first time I saw her there in the small cage.

She’s really a miracle dog.

I believe, we have a lot to learn from the animals.
We are what we think. Never give up!

That’s Amore!

Tuesday View 


If you want to change the world,

pick up the voice and type it down!

Monday Office


Thank Above for movable offices.

Even when the Animals are Forever Gone Love Still Remains



(In Swedish below. Pa svenska nedan)

I looked down at the beige dog that lay quite on his dog bed. His eyes were closed and his breathing was slow. I knew within me that he did not have much of any time left here on earth. The dog, Rasmus’s, aura vibrated unequally, like a radio station that had not been set to its correct frequency.

“Why are you leaving me so soon?” I whispered to him.

We reflect your perfect self. We choose to be happy in the present and never think of the future. We are living and breathing of every minute and not a second faster into the future. Nobody knows what’s in the future; the future will come when it’s time.

As a sign of his love and of confirmation, he wagged his tail.

It was so painful to lose my four-legged friend.

To say goodbye to love was heartbreaking.

We will always be around you people, for our love will never end when we disappear from you. When you are in silence you can feel our presence, but it’s when you are searching after us to feel us in a physical form, that is when the contact will be broken between us.

Your despair breaks the contact.

Be in total silence and feel our present. Let us continue to heal you in the same way, as we always did laying next to you.

I looked at Rasmus. His tail was no longer waging. He was gone!

“Rasmus!” I screamed and put my head in his still warm coat. “Don’t leave me!”

Suddenly, I felt a warm feeling surrounding my legs, like a wind passing me.

We have a soul and therefore live forever!

I have not left you. When the memory of me is disturbed by your heavy grief, that’s when you leave me.


That’s Amore!

Text Mia Mattsson Mercer

photo: Shutterstock

Column Magazine Nara (Sweden)


In Swedish

Även nĂ€r djuren Ă€r för evigt borta finns kĂ€rleken kvar

Jag tittade ner pÄ den beiga hunden som lÄg alldeles stilla pÄ sin hundsÀng. Hans ögon var slutna och andetagen var lÄngsamma. Jag visste inom mig att han inte hade lÄng tid kvar hÀr pÄ jorden. Hunden Rasmus aura vibrerade ojÀmnt, likt en radionstation som inte hade sin rÀtta frekvens instÀlld.

”Varför lĂ€mnar du mig sĂ„ snart?” viskade jag till honom.

Vi reflekterar ert perfekta jag. Vi vÀljer att vara lyckliga i nuet och tÀnker aldrig pÄ framtiden. Vi lever för varje minut och inte en sekund snabbare. Ingen vet vad som ligger i framtiden, utan den kommer nÀr det Àr dags.

Som ett tecken med sin kÀrlek och bekrÀftelse viftade han pÄ svansen.
Det gjorde sÄ ont att mista min fyrfota vÀn.
Att sÀga adjö till kÀrleken var smÀrtsam.

Vi finns alltid omkring er mÀnniskor för vÄr kÀrlek tar aldrig slut Àven om vi försvinner frÄn er. NÀr ni befinner er i stillhet kan ni kÀnna vÄr nÀrvaro, men det Àr nÀr ni famlar efter att kÀnna oss i fysisk form som kontakten bryts mellan oss.

Er förtvivlan bryter kontakten.
Var i en total stillhet och ta in oss. LÄt oss fortsÀtta att hela er, precis som vi alltid gjorde sittandes bredvid er.

Jag tittade pÄ Rasmus. Hans svans viftade inte lÀngre. Han var borta!
”Rasmus!” skrek jag och borrade in mitt huvud i hans fortfarande varma pĂ€ls. ”LĂ€mna mig inte!”
Plötsligt kÀnde jag en varm kÀnsla vid mina ben. NÄgot som flÀktade förbi mig.

Vi har en sjÀl och lever dÀrför för evigt!
Jag har inte lÀmnat dig. NÀr minnet av mig förtrÀngs av din tunga sorg, det Àr dÄ du lÀmnar mig.

That’s Amore!