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Swedish writer to three published books, former column writer for a Swedish spiritual mindfulness Magazine Nära, CEO and Founder of Animals Without Limits since 1999, Animal psychologist, Animal Study Teacher, Lyme Disease fighter, Child and Animal Abuse Warrior that is working in many different countries.

The Honesty in a Picture of Life


Horses in Harmony 💚 are giving back to the children and teenagers with “sadness and worries “ in their hearts.
Let me be very clear, all donations goes directly to the animals. Food and medication etc.
For the children and Teenagers, we privately pay for the cinnamon buns and drinks, and sometimes a parent brings with them cookies. (even carrots)

In the group we one day talked about alcoholism. They pick the subject. I learned from the kids that there are functional alcoholics and bench alcoholics— as they called it.

I had never heard about functional alcoholism before, and they explained for me the meaning. 💛
One boy continued about his dad which had a very good job, they looked very wealthy on the outside. Sometimes was he tipsy and sometimes drunk. They scary part he said they never knew what state of mood. The next morning Dad was acting normally like nothing had happened.

“Growing up, first I thought it was normal that my dad drank a lot. But when he had aggressively outburst when my friends came over, I felt shame and embarrassed. When I told him calmly he denied it and made it sound like I overestimated. Like it was me doing something wrong. That made me more sad. Now when I see people drink I get nervous.”
Young boy 👦🏻

Julia, one of our rescue horses reacts on alcohol smell, and gets “anxiety” Nervously running in the box trying to flee into a corner.”

Trauma behavior (reaction) has the same wordless trigger in emotions.

Julia 🐴and this boy 👦🏻 have already a connection. They share the same feelings from alcohol.
👦🏻 tells Julia his story and gives her comfort, wordless connection starts in that moment.

That’s Amore! So proud over you all👑

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Picture 📸 is Rihanna rescue horse.

I Need You in My Life


💚 This summer gave us amazing weather to work outside together with our Horses in Harmony and the Young Children and Teenagers.
When “broken” souls can breathe their whole body goes into relax mode and can better start to heal. (Same with “broken” Animals)

We also created a small group to sit together and if wanted, share stories. Here we are all understand that no one judges, or gives answers/advice. We listen and share.

After I shared my story their eyes were big out of surprise, but then another one started talking. It was amazing, because everyone felt each other, No words needed, only ears.

We even could laugh together, and next moment be serious. Afterwards there was this bond between us. Just like the Rescue Horses connected when first arriving, and now, we connect with them and each other.

Another thing I noticed was that to be able to start healing,we want to be heard, but also feel heard. That’s the first step in the right direction. Just like we did to our broken horses when they came. See them, hear them and listen to them. Now That’s Amore!

Please help us continue rescuing animals and to give back to the young ones. They learn to become amazing with Animals. And to realize that we are the same when it comes to have emotional intelligence We all are the future!

Food Store Stranger Kindness


Yesterday, I had an interesting evening experiencing “No to Stranger Kindness”.

In the checkout line when I was going to pay for my groceries, I noticed I had four 10 euro coupons in this particular store. However, what I didn’t know, was that I could only use one for each payment.

Evening, tired, and just before closing time, my heart dropped. I would lose 30 euro because they expired this same day.

I turned quickly to the man standing behind. Did he maybe want one coupon for free? He looked surprised, but after a few seconds he accepted it.

Before paying my grooseries, I ran up to other people asking, “would you like to have 10 euro coupon for free?” To my very surprise, they all looked away turning down the money gift!

At this moment even the cashiers looked stunned, over what just happened.

“Was it turned down because I was a stranger?” I asked the man.

We all started to speculate. Maybe it was strange with “Stranger Kindness!”

It was a strange “ok” experience. —

August the Challenge


The month August was a tough one for many reasons. As long as I can remember, I never enjoyed August, the month that feels like everyone goes on holiday. 🐬Delivery delays, and to have to cramp it in by myself in the car. (Dog food, shavings, special horse food) However, we are blessed to have the horses at a safe place where they work incredible hard 😓

Of course, in the smallest car ever- but anyway I am thankful !
August gives us less volunteers, and, this summer, we had more young people (from abusive families or divorced) spending time with animals. The economy has already affected them heavily, and their anxiety of not having anything to do over the summer were huge. One young man said “I don’t like school, I don’t have friends, but I cannot wait to go back to have routines. The whole summer I have been alone!”
(Isolation is huge today of numerous reasons)

💙 September is here, and thank you everyone again, for your support, when you cannot be present, your donations helps tremendously 💙 love you all 💙

(more updates to come and stories)

The Beauty of Rescuing


As many of you know, I have rescued Animals for nearly three decades now. (and they have also rescued me) I finally feel that the research I have made during this time, working together with the AWL project and alone finally been giving results. 👑Horses Healing Harmony Project (even dogs) have worked together with (mostly) young people, however, also together with single parents– with different needs of Bodily and Mentally Harmony from the Animals.

Now, this is no rocket science and many of us know how important animals and nature are for us Humans.

picture @Ulla Linders

It’s been a long journey, meeting a lot (I repeat a lot) of different authorities, which for many I am very thankful for. I do acknowledge the difficulty they are facing many times during their work, wanting to do more for their “client” But being tied up with rules and laws can make a lot of frustration and sadness (even burnout).

Gracefully, I am now finishing up my writing resources; “research and practice studying” which can soon be used by employers, educators and the public at large.

Many of you are asking me via the media, and since I cannot answer everyone due to my full schedule time. I love your questions, and they also challenge me to try to find some kind of comfort or answer back.

I always learn something new every day, and I love it many times.

My gratitude goes to everyone that work so hard, many times with frustration, but you never give up. Especially, you that are lifting other up even when fear and uncertainty is grabbing hold of you.

Psychologists, Lawyers (even the not so good ones too ) Women Help Center, Mentally coaches, Police Undercover that works with Child sexual exploitation, Horse People, Friends, Aquanites and even the stranger on the street (or Instagram). Thank YOU for everything you taught me.

❤️‍🩹Even the not very good ones teaches me something

That’s Amore!

Over-Thinking Horse & Owner


My horse kept stopping every time it was quiet.👑

The horse was an “over-thinker”, afraid of doing wrong. Disappointments from the former owner in life had been born after numerous downhills after many successful tournaments in the past. The horse learned that if she didn’t make it, she would be put into her box. She felt safe there. The mare was anxious on the inside, however, calm and collected on the outside. (Just like her owner)

“When you speak the commandos I don’t think, there is no room for anxious thoughts in my head.” the horse “whispered”

The rider looked at me in surprise.

“It’s the same for you when you have music during studying, so no other thoughts can interfere. Music blocks your inner-thoughts from making an entrance hidden by anxiety and disturbing your focus. You both are sensitive, over-thinkers, talented with mixed beliefs in yourself.” I explained.

Many asks me how come we choose a horse with the same personality as ourselves without actually knowing it.

We are all energies, and most of the time we choose energies we recognize.

In a way you could say, we attract the subconscious into a conscious way.

This could be an explanation why we several times subconsciously chose the same kind of partner, like our parents or, an important key-person in your life.

But the most certain choice of an Animal is the one that mirrors us.

Give me your Animal and I can tell who you are.

Page 31 © 1987 👑 That’s Amore❣️Mia Mattsson

Photo:Tidningen Nära Shutterstock krönika 2017

Improve Compassion


We can improve how we respond to women (all living breathing humans) in distress. 🖤 Those who still suffers and, often, suffering secretly. But also teenagers, I meet often many in distress and anxiety.

It is important we learn their names and stories. It should not take years. Children and teenagers, should only be concerned about homework and whats for dinner. Thats what I told to the Justice department.

That’s Amore!

Be Thankful for all new Instincts


My Weekly column in Magazine NARA, September 2012 Hope you will enjoy reading. Can children teach us more?


Children and dogs are often very lovely together, and they have a lot to teach we adults. They demonstrate how to be in the moment, have compassion and enthusiasm, ingenuity, fantasy and ideas.

Children’s natural way of being and their balance with former street dogs is a beautiful play. The kids are thinking a lot and share their wonderful questions, which in turn allow me to look in my mind for the answers. And if I do not find the answer I seek it further later on.

On weekends, there are many children with their parents visiting us at the Hospice. I love watching kids fall down on their knees to get to the same height as the dogs, or small children standing on their tiptoes to give the bigger dogs a kiss on their head.

I love children’s compassion towards the elderly clients. Meanwhile, I notice how much that has been forgotten within me. Together with my own two children we are now practicing how to be more in the present and work more on our intuition and our thoughts.

When we eat dinner, we frequently thank for our food, to be grateful and at the same time give thanks to the long path before the food ends up on the plates in front of us. I ask Olivia and Max who we should thank: the earth, the rain, the sun, farmers, transportation, stores, dad’s job, mom’s wallet and the cook.

Besides that we have a lot of fun, it’s also stimulating for me. I noticed with myself how hard I have to get started with my imagination.

A few times a week in the evenings, we experiment with silence. We put ourselves down on the floor for about fifteen minutes and then we say nothing. (Here it is hard for me not to fall asleep!)

Then we talk about what thoughts, smells or any concerns that come up. This is also a good start to learn how to meditate, become aware of our thoughts and to learn to “control” them. But it is also a chance for everyone to think through what is moving around inside us.

Sometimes in life we push away thoughts, forget them or we do not want to remember. And over time, it might be difficult to talk about the suppressed thoughts.

Many years ago I met a happy little guy who understood that I could communicate with animals. He knew that it was through the thoughts that communication took place.

We were with my dog Tjojs when the little guy told me he had bought a gift for Tjojs, but he would whisper it to me what it was, or Tjojs could hear it. “You are not allowed to think about it, because then Tjojs will ‘hear’ it!” the little guy said. But he was disappointed. He had thought about the gift to Tjojs, and expected that she would jump excitedly, but she never jumped.

Talking with children is amazing. We hear many deep thoughts and we should be able to learn something from their natural approach to life’s mysteries.

That’s Amore!

Let the Horse Tame your Fear


No, 🖤 you are not meeting more people that are mentally tired or, depressive. It’s many which have opened up by telling about their pain. And I am speaking for so many others, young and old.
It takes enormous energy to keep functioning while carrying the memory of trauma and the shame of weakness and vulnerability.
❄️ The animals, when healed themselves, has a very secure base where our stress hormones can be tamed. #healinginharmony That’s Amore!

Beautiful Autumn Colors


I love autumn colors, and mild weather 🍂🍁