Mia Mattsson Mercer

Children and Animal Warrior

The Honesty in a Picture of Life


Horses in Harmony 💚 are giving back to the children and teenagers with “sadness and worries “ in their hearts.
Let me be very clear, all donations goes directly to the animals. Food and medication etc.
For the children and Teenagers, we privately pay for the cinnamon buns and drinks, and sometimes a parent brings with them cookies. (even carrots)

In the group we one day talked about alcoholism. They pick the subject. I learned from the kids that there are functional alcoholics and bench alcoholics— as they called it.

I had never heard about functional alcoholism before, and they explained for me the meaning. 💛
One boy continued about his dad which had a very good job, they looked very wealthy on the outside. Sometimes was he tipsy and sometimes drunk. They scary part he said they never knew what state of mood. The next morning Dad was acting normally like nothing had happened.

“Growing up, first I thought it was normal that my dad drank a lot. But when he had aggressively outburst when my friends came over, I felt shame and embarrassed. When I told him calmly he denied it and made it sound like I overestimated. Like it was me doing something wrong. That made me more sad. Now when I see people drink I get nervous.”
Young boy 👦🏻

Julia, one of our rescue horses reacts on alcohol smell, and gets “anxiety” Nervously running in the box trying to flee into a corner.”

Trauma behavior (reaction) has the same wordless trigger in emotions.

Julia 🐴and this boy 👦🏻 have already a connection. They share the same feelings from alcohol.
👦🏻 tells Julia his story and gives her comfort, wordless connection starts in that moment.

That’s Amore! So proud over you all👑

Swisha valfritt belopp till:
123 378 38 34
Animals Without Limits Sweden

PayPal awlrescueteam@gmail.com

Picture 📸 is Rihanna rescue horse.

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