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IMG_1597Animals Without Limits (AWL) was founded in 1999 by Mia Mattsson-Mercer, noted Swedish animal communicator, author and lecturer, after she attended a conference on the management of stray animals, spaying and neutering in Sophia, Bulgaria. Here’s her story….

Mia was born in Malmo Sweden in 1964. She moved to Stockholm and lived there from 1992. During that time Mia became an expert in Horse Massage and Animal Communication. Her work in this field took all over the world, working for diverse groups of clients including royal families, grand prix riders and zoos. As she traveled she noticed more and more the plights of stray animals. And she felt increasingly compelled to document and address the situation of animals living on the streets and those barely surviving in war zones. She eventually decided that this was her calling. So, she put her old career on hold, founded AWL, and moved to Sarajevo, Bosnia where she stayed from 1999-2001 working with animals left behind by the war.

Mia has dedicated her life to working with animals in both chronic and acute crisis. She has worked in the US, Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia, Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Bahrain. Most recently Mia and AWL’s focus has been (although not exclusively) on Southern Italy’s Campania Region. In 2010 AWL opened the first hospice for senior dogs in Campania, Casa dell’ Amore.

In 2011, Mia was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease. She struggled for years to get the proper treatment and it was not until she found a great clinic in Augsburg, Germany that she was able to get her condition under control. 

Mia is currently living near Stuttgart, Germany caring for the animals of her private sanctuary (5 dogs, 6 turtles, 1 fish and 5 horses.) She is now working with AWL to fulfill a dream of creating fully-functioning Animal Sanctuary/Clinic. Additionally, she continues to travel around Europe lecturing on the subject of Animal Behavior, Animal Communications and new for this year, Horses in Harmony Supporting People with feeling better withemself.

2017- 2018 She was teaching school program on Animal Studies to English-speaking children in Germany.

Mia is also very proud to be raising her two children, Olivia and Max, who have been doing rescue missions since they were able to walk and are following in her footsteps as animal lovers, rescuers and advocates.

Mia is the author of three books published in Swedish, (Lyssna när djuren talar, Föra djurens talan and Lär dig ta emot djurens budskap.) She is currently working on two other manuscripts. One is about her journey through life to overcome life trauma.  It’s a book about hope and survival, to keep standing no matter what. Raising two children by herself teaching them equality and respect in life. But mostly learning to trust and to fight for herself with the help of Animals when the system out there is failing.

A book about Surviving Hope Faith and Love.

The other is on embracing and learning from the wisdom of animals and when Animals are leaving us to go over to the other side. Animals as Teachers, what can they teach us about the Other Side.

Since 2010 – 2017 was she writing an animal column every second week for the Swedish Magazine Nära.

In her spare time (whenever she can grab some) Mia loves to paint, read and have a glass of rose prosecco.

Her childhood dream is to become an “at large” global Ambassador for the Animals and Children for a body like the UN. She’s ready with knowledge, tons of passion and experiences.

Her signature has been for the last year; Empowerment, Faith, Hope, Compassion, Courage, Loyalty and “That’s Amore”!


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Mail: awlrescueteam@gmail.com
Instagram: @miahmattsson

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