Mia Mattsson Mercer

Children and Animal Warrior


This spring/summer 2017 you have to keep your eyes open for the Magazine Nara. Incredible interesting article will be in there (among others of course)  However, this one is written by me. SO what is so fascinating about my article?

When you write about people and animals that fascinates you, it is not difficult. Opposite, it is a pleasure. What can be a challenge for me, is to make them justice with my words. So you as a reader can  follow the emotions with your heart.

The article will be fantastic thanks to the person I interviewed and her work(s) The main subject will be; Horses as our Teachers. Who she is? You have to find out when you open the magazine. You won’t be disappointed! That’s Amore!


Photos is taken by one of my favourites, Tuss Bennergard www.tussochtass.se  She is amazing with her camera.









February 6th –18th 2017  

Blossom through your Dreams

In a couple of days am I leaving to probably face my biggest dream and mission ever.
A true friend accepts who you are, but also helps you to become who you should be.
This friend never assumed, or said I won’t have time, she just did it. She sent me an invitation to Pacific Ocean.
She knows my Heart!

You will be able to follow my adventure on my blog

To live with aloha is the secret to well-being for the people of Hawaii. It is an inner knowledge,
by birth, to be loving and genuine in all interactions with people and nature, for all life is
connected. It is how you say hello, it is sharing food, caring for strangers, a nod of the head,
understanding one another, a smile, kindness, honesty, touch, empathy in times of grief and a free
willingness to love, as naturally as children love…as naturally as mother-nature loves the earth. –
“A little book of Aloha, spirit of healing, R Provevenzano”