I have been praying since I was a little girl.

I believe we all pray. Some more often than others.

Growing up in a “non-religion” home I taught myself how to speak to God, or Universe (or the same) When I was in third grade, I went with my school friend and her family to a Katholic Church in Sweden. It was so beautiful. I wanted to become a Katholic.

When my family went skiing in Austria, I had as an tradition that every last ski day I went to the Katholic church instead of skiing (as much as possible the last day.) My father went “crazy” and thought that was nonsens, and waste of money. But, for me, it was magic, lightning a candle, sitting in the wooden bench and look at all the fantastic Angels, Jesus and gold ornaments. I prayed.

Still today, when visiting different European cities (towns) the church is a must for me, and my young children enjoys it too.

I love feeling connected via prayers and meditations.

I read somewhere and it goes something like this;

When you pray you speak to God,

and when you meditate, God speaks to you.

That’s Amore!


The Animal’s Messages comes to you During the Night

Photo (c) Shutterstock

My column for the Swedish Magazine Nara translated into English. Enjoy our important messages from the Other side.

Suddenly, I woke up by a voice that whispered, Mia! Mia!

Who was that which called for my attention?

I looked out through the window and noticed that the sun was on its way up.

When you are in absolute silence, the messages from the animals can come directly to your heart and mind!

With fast steps I hurried down to the beach, it was something strong that drew me down there. At the beach, there were all the dogs that had been by my side during my lifetime but had left to return to the Other side.

Even different kind of animals that had been found by my side, when growing up. They sat together, looking out over the sea towards the beautiful sunrise.

The Sunrise and Sunset are the two most powerful moments. The animals have a stronger contact with the other side and even our inner soul. We can be many souls together, but the vibrations are the same.

When we are together with humans, we can lower your frequency to our vibration, to a total relaxed level. Then you can communicate with everything in the world, and also with the Other side.

Every night I stand by your bed, I am always following your journey.

During the night, you are more accessible to communicate with.

Why do we not remember you when we wake up?

Your sorrow is already great and when you remember, your sorrow and desire will become greater. We try to heal you during the night, to make you dare to let go of your sorrows and to rejoice with our memories.

We do not have the same karma law as you people because within us we already have all the knowledge that’s needed to achieve inner peace. It is your Karma which you’re practicing on us. You get great opportunities to practice compassionate love and respect with us. Do not close that opportunity when we say goodbye to you, however, keep the same vibration to all those you meet in life. The world needs that love now more than ever.

That’s Amore!



Pratar djuren Skanska?


My column in the Swedish magazine is about communication together with animals. A young boy asked me if the animals understood my southern dialect 🙂 when I spoke to them!

Animals have a fantastic built in instinct, and actually so do we humans. However, despite from animals, humans interfere comonly in each others lives. And that will only make confusion in humans lives. Animals trust each others knowledge and stays their, minding their own business! Now that is bright knowledge.

Ägarinnan välkomnade mig glatt när jag klev in i stallet söder om Stockholm. Hennes fem år gamla son stod blygt och höll henne i handen. Jag berättade om hur djurkommunikationen skulle gå till väga och att jag behövde lugn och ro i stallet. Varje ljud som uppstod bröt kommunikationen mellan mig och hästen och viktig information kunde gå förlorad.

Efter en liten stund tittade den blyga pojken fram bakom sin mamma; “Hur kan djuren förstå din skånska?”, frågade han på sin gulliga stockholmska.

Skrattandes försökte jag förklara för pojken att djuren kommunicerar i bilder med energier som vibrerar. ”Som om vi ser på en film utan ljud. Vi tittar på samma tv men använder förmodligen olika ord på att beskriva filmen”, förklarade jag för honom.

Även nyanserna på känslorna är viktiga för djuren. Kärleken har till exempel olika vibrationsstyrkor; från att avguda eller älska till att tycka om. Djuren sänder med klarhet.

”Kan du tänka dig hur världen skulle se ut om djuren inte visste vilka de var eller vad deras funktioner var?”

Pojken skrattade förtjust över själva tanken.

Djuren har alla sina instinkter inprogrammerade och följer dem exceptionellt.

Kanske har vi någon gång kört bil dagdrömmandes och plötsligt insett att vi passerat vår avfart. Det är just i det skedet jag befinner mig i under kommunikationen. Högkänsliga barn dagdrömmer ofta i skolan och flyger in och ut i sitt tänkande.

Min spirituella vän talade om för mig att när hon vaknar på morgonen mediterar hon sittandes på sängkanten. Då befinner hon sig i det bästa mottagliga skedet för Universum att kunna träda in i hennes inre.

Det fick mig att tänka på en klient jag nyligen träffade. Hunden Zero skällde alltid när hans matte försökte mediterade. Matte tyckte naturligtvis det var ganska jobbigt, för hon kunde aldrig slutföra sin meditation. När Zero själv fick berätta tyckte han att meditationen var läskig för att matte ”flög” ut ur kroppen.

Jag skäller för då kommer hon tillbaka!
Matte skrattade generat och tittade på Zero med annorlunda ögon. ”Det stämmer rätt bra, jag försvinner ständigt djupt ned i mina meditationer och har svårt att komma tillbaka.”

I hemläxa fick matte försöka hitta ett nytt och annorlunda sätt att meditera på, så att hon inte försvann fler gånger inför sin älskade hund Zero.

That’s Amore!20170427_skanska620__b468m

Senior Dogs got Much to Give

AWL mia hemsida adress 1I have to admit, my heart is soft for Senior dogs. Having had my foundation now since 1999 and working with rescuing animals (most dogs) I have met hundreds of wonderful Seniors. Yes, it is not for a very long time you get to keep them(years), however, the time seems in a way longer when you are together with them (time). If that makes any sense.

I have had to say good bye to many Seniors, but I have always been by their side. Always!

In my home I have right now eight (8) Seniors that I adore. I don’t like traveling as much as I did earlier, even if I love traveling 😉 I cut down 50% with my travels.

Instead I love laying reading and hearing their deep snoring next to me or on the floor on their own bed(s). How they wake up and takes the day with grande relaxing tempo, like the southern Italian dogs they are (ok one American). And….their love is priceless, their deepness in their eyes when they look at you. They make you feel like a Hero!

This January we had to say good bye to one of our rescue dogs Jazz. For one year she had problems holding her bladder. I rolled away the carpets and mopping buckets on every floor.

My husband growled a little.

I looked at him with a wrinkle between my eyes and said, “When you get old(er) and start to wet yourself, am I going to get ride of you too?”

good-bye-leoI have a hard time understanding people who suddenly abandon their old friend just because he is old and smelly. It shows me their (people) evaluation about becoming old.

My heart become warm when I read about more and more Senior Sanctuaries are opening, and …..that so many more people dare to adopt a Senior.

That’s Amore!



Amazing Love



In my weekly columns, I always say we have a lot to learn form the Animals. I always call the stray dogs, (that I documented for soon to be ten years,)  they are my Mini Buddhists. 

Animals are the one that taught me many things about life, and especially about Humans.

My heart melts when I read about Penguins true love to keep their romance alive. How a male will find the smoothest pebble to give to a female as a gift. Can you imagine his thoughts when he is walking around looking at different pebbles, ” No, not that one! No, this one got to sharp edges. There it is! The most beautiful pebble for my lady.”

If the female penguin accept the pebble, she will place it in the nest.

It feels like when my son is out looking for beautiful rocks to bring home to me. Or, my daughter picking gorgous see shells for me, or a man choosing the rock for his fiancé s ring

That’s Amore!