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Tack alla Lyssnare/ Tittare


Vilken kväll igår som gäst hos Carina Lidbom, alltså tiden flög iväg. Det var första gången jag gjorde livestream.

Carina verkligen fick en att känna sig hemma och trygg. Hon lyssnade och guidade mig genom olika djurberättelser. Ibland glömmer jag hur mycket jag gjort och varit med om.

Man hinner med mycket även om det känns som om livet far förbi.

Tack alla lyssnare och tittare, det var så underbart att känna er närvaro igen. Jag har saknat Er jättemycket känner jag.

Till alla er som arbetar med och för djuren, andra djurorganisationer, till er som adopterat, fortsätt med er kärlek. Där finns plats för oss alla.

Frågor som skickades han jag inte läsa — så ni får gärna skicka dem igen till mig.

Ett stort tack,

That’s Amore ❤️

Gäst hos Carina Lidbom


Imorgon måndag kl.18.00 (svensk tid) gästar jag @carinalidbom live på Instagram.
Jag blir så jätteglad om ni ”kommer” och lyssnar
Allt mellan Himmel och Jord; böcker, olika kulturers syn på djur, Djurs tankar o tyckande, maffian, andlighet, Andra sidan m.m

Några frågor eller önskemål? Skriv 💬 gärna

That’s Amore!

Graceful Inspiration


A new year, however, also a new day of possibilities. To be able to be together with people which inspires us
Animals always inspires, always making the best out of their day. Their healing capacity = mind is incredible. I have worked in different war zones and also in the worst shelters worldwide. I am always amazed by their ways of recovering quickly, and their trust and willingness to forgive and move on.
Graceful inspiration 👑

Together with her daughter made my friend these amazing beautiful apple goodies —for birds and other hungry guests. She hung them on my gate and send me a message 💚 to go outside and have a look.

What an incredible gesture that both makes the birds happy and me, but passing on with her love and respect (creativity) to her daughter.

Now That’s Amore!

Please share or send me your inspiration-

Share with people, give them a smile today and keep loving our “Mini Buddhists “ they are our great humble teachers.

New Year 2021


2020 was a year with totally different feelings 🖤❤️

But I cannot say it was a shit year— it was definitely a year with different opportunities, and growing.

Every day is a new day for a new start. Every day is a new day. Follow the Animals way of balance living, no promises but the moment of now.

That’s Amore

Silence gives you Answers


Show me your horse and I can right away, tell who you deep down are.
Your Animal is your reflection, or is it opposite. Who mirrors who?

Listen when Animals Communicate by Mia Mattsson 1996

”Lille Julafton ”


Its ”little Christmas “ (23.11.20) and that means I am allowed to open up on Christmas gift. I always chose the gift which feels like a book.

It’s a Swedish tradition that I invented many years ago, since I could never wait until Christmas Eve.

Christmas = Book

Thank you @helenberg for this amazing diary — designed by @efvaattling

A new “cool” diary, perfect for my new Chapter in life. That’s Amore!

The Awakening Mind


November beauty in southern Germany

An Early morning walk and it’s just you and the silence. A bright calmness is going through your mind and body.

You will not only tell the world that you will finally see and appreciate yourself , you will also tell Universe, that you have finally found your worthiness.

That’s Amore!

The Beauty in Silence


Early morning walk alone with my silence thoughts. Comfortable thoughts which are neutral in the moment.

That’s Amore!

Justice is finding your Peace

There are not any revenge to go after.

Justice is finding your Peace