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The Honesty in a Picture of Life


Horses in Harmony 💚 are giving back to the children and teenagers with “sadness and worries “ in their hearts.
Let me be very clear, all donations goes directly to the animals. Food and medication etc.
For the children and Teenagers, we privately pay for the cinnamon buns and drinks, and sometimes a parent brings with them cookies. (even carrots)

In the group we one day talked about alcoholism. They pick the subject. I learned from the kids that there are functional alcoholics and bench alcoholics— as they called it.

I had never heard about functional alcoholism before, and they explained for me the meaning. 💛
One boy continued about his dad which had a very good job, they looked very wealthy on the outside. Sometimes was he tipsy and sometimes drunk. They scary part he said they never knew what state of mood. The next morning Dad was acting normally like nothing had happened.

“Growing up, first I thought it was normal that my dad drank a lot. But when he had aggressively outburst when my friends came over, I felt shame and embarrassed. When I told him calmly he denied it and made it sound like I overestimated. Like it was me doing something wrong. That made me more sad. Now when I see people drink I get nervous.”
Young boy 👦🏻

Julia, one of our rescue horses reacts on alcohol smell, and gets “anxiety” Nervously running in the box trying to flee into a corner.”

Trauma behavior (reaction) has the same wordless trigger in emotions.

Julia 🐴and this boy 👦🏻 have already a connection. They share the same feelings from alcohol.
👦🏻 tells Julia his story and gives her comfort, wordless connection starts in that moment.

That’s Amore! So proud over you all👑

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Animals Without Limits Sweden

PayPal awlrescueteam@gmail.com

Picture 📸 is Rihanna rescue horse.

I Need You in My Life


💚 This summer gave us amazing weather to work outside together with our Horses in Harmony and the Young Children and Teenagers.
When “broken” souls can breathe their whole body goes into relax mode and can better start to heal. (Same with “broken” Animals)

We also created a small group to sit together and if wanted, share stories. Here we are all understand that no one judges, or gives answers/advice. We listen and share.

After I shared my story their eyes were big out of surprise, but then another one started talking. It was amazing, because everyone felt each other, No words needed, only ears.

We even could laugh together, and next moment be serious. Afterwards there was this bond between us. Just like the Rescue Horses connected when first arriving, and now, we connect with them and each other.

Another thing I noticed was that to be able to start healing,we want to be heard, but also feel heard. That’s the first step in the right direction. Just like we did to our broken horses when they came. See them, hear them and listen to them. Now That’s Amore!

Please help us continue rescuing animals and to give back to the young ones. They learn to become amazing with Animals. And to realize that we are the same when it comes to have emotional intelligence We all are the future!

August the Challenge


The month August was a tough one for many reasons. As long as I can remember, I never enjoyed August, the month that feels like everyone goes on holiday. 🐬Delivery delays, and to have to cramp it in by myself in the car. (Dog food, shavings, special horse food) However, we are blessed to have the horses at a safe place where they work incredible hard 😓

Of course, in the smallest car ever- but anyway I am thankful !
August gives us less volunteers, and, this summer, we had more young people (from abusive families or divorced) spending time with animals. The economy has already affected them heavily, and their anxiety of not having anything to do over the summer were huge. One young man said “I don’t like school, I don’t have friends, but I cannot wait to go back to have routines. The whole summer I have been alone!”
(Isolation is huge today of numerous reasons)

💙 September is here, and thank you everyone again, for your support, when you cannot be present, your donations helps tremendously 💙 love you all 💙

(more updates to come and stories)

Improve Compassion


We can improve how we respond to women (all living breathing humans) in distress. 🖤 Those who still suffers and, often, suffering secretly. But also teenagers, I meet often many in distress and anxiety.

It is important we learn their names and stories. It should not take years. Children and teenagers, should only be concerned about homework and whats for dinner. Thats what I told to the Justice department.

That’s Amore!

Let the Horse Tame your Fear


No, 🖤 you are not meeting more people that are mentally tired or, depressive. It’s many which have opened up by telling about their pain. And I am speaking for so many others, young and old.
It takes enormous energy to keep functioning while carrying the memory of trauma and the shame of weakness and vulnerability.
❄️ The animals, when healed themselves, has a very secure base where our stress hormones can be tamed. #healinginharmony That’s Amore!

Word-less Healing


🖤 You never lost me, I only lost myself.

You showed me trust and every day was a new day. No judgement, only encouragement.
You let me take the time I needed since You knew that time doesn’t exist. Despite being abandoned, You never abandoned me.

You who use no words and have no freedom, gave me healing, a belief in myself, a new better version of myself. You gave comfort. You… you gave me my freedom back.
You alone, did what no other humans could do.

It’s time 👑
That’s Amore!

Two Faced Evilness


Horrible people aren’t horrible all the time, otherwise they would never be able to find victims. —Karin Slaughter—

Court Support


I think this is a very brilliant and important way to have court dogs.

I know for a fact many that would have wanted this kind of support.

Does your country has this kind of support?

Wild Life Rescue Weekend


When you can Tell your Story


When you can tell your story without pain, it has become a wisdom.
We have a story to tell. How pain brought us together but we healed together 💙❤️

That’s Amore