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Beautiful video made for me


Watch the video here

Six years ago, we moved up from Italy to Germany. It was my saddest time in life.

I had to leave my dream. My dream, that I had together with others built up so hard.
A Senior Sanctuary Hospice, that we named Casa dell Amore!

My beautiful volunteers made this incredible video and yesterday I revived it from Chiara Ricci, I hadn't seen it since the day we left.

AWL are still working very hard rescuing animals down in Italy. And one day, very soon, will I open up a new Hospice! A bigger and better, together with inspiring people and veterinarians.

That's Amore!

Our time Together is Limited


 My beautiful Leah, the warrior and at the same time so gorgeous sensitive. We don’t have much time together you tell me. You also told me to stop continuing with your surgeries. You are ready to part, even if that will make my heart break. I have to respect your wish and not being selfish. Humanselfish!

I knew this day would come, even if I want eternity. FurryAngels!

You have a majestic age of being 15-18 years old. Still, your mind is amazingly clear. It’s the darn cancer that are eating inside of you, in a fast way!

I found you on the streets when you were probably 10. You were sick and had had many litters. You chased away thieves!

You even chased away thieves in your foster home!

You looked after my children. And you welcomed every rescued dog into our home.

I always respected that you wanted space, not to stay to long in your energy area. You always talked with your eyes, and even now, you are still capable to send an enormous amount of love.

Leah, you are my Queen!

We will make your last time her on Earth to be comfortable. I do respect you!

Amore Mia!



Lizzy and spike



RIP our dear rescue Dragon Lizard, Spike.

Spike, you are being so missed by us, and especially your “wife” Lizzy. We tried so hard to rescue you a second time, but your little body wanted something else. I remember the evening, two days ago when I tried to hand feed you. I felt strongly that you didn’t want my help anymore. You were done with your life here on Mother Earth.

You and Lizzy were former classroom lizards for children to play with. Then, you guys had to move somewhere else, since the teacher had to move to a place where lizards were not allowed to live.

For many years you filled us with knowledge about reptiles, you taught us how amazing you dragon lizards actually are. Never in my life, I thought my heart would be filled with so much love from you Spike. ❤ I hope your little heart felt our love too.

That’s Amore!

Thank you Followers


“I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Animals Without Limits has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Animal Blogs on the web.”
Oh dear, now I have to update much better. This is amazing news. Thank you so much all you wonderful readers with a big Animal Heart


That’s Amore!