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The Power to Destroy


Predatory animals usually devour prey in order to convert flesh into fuel.

Most human predators, however, seek power, not food. To destroy or damage something is to take its power.

Gavin de Becker book The Gift of Fear

Ikväll på ClubHouse


Your Words of Importance


You taught me so much about life, about promises, but mostly how actions are stronger than the spoken word.
They said you were aggressive. You were locked in a small cage alone for years.

You tried to tell over and over that it was not true. No one listened. No one believed you. No one tried to see your action if it was true.
Until one day when someone stoped outside your cage and heard your story.For years was I honored to have you as my friend, and companion . Never did you show any aggression, only love.

Let actions show stronger than believing the spoken words.
Life is a gift, your words can destroy and your words can lift up. Which one do you want to be, asks Nebbia.
That’s Amore!

ClubHouse Tomorrow Monday


Välkomna till ClubHouse imorgon måndag för mera underbara historier.

That’s Amore!

Fashion Neglect 2021


It’s started with audience back in 1996, then 2017 satellite with different countries.

My son sent me the picture yesterday, me going live on Clubhouse. My stage cloths are truly improving 2021!
That’s Amore!

Energies Never Lies


Starting by being aware of your feelings is a good way of learning how your energies are shifting in different moments. Try also to be aware of your energies while together with different people.

Energies never lies.

Animal Communication is something we all have inside of us, but sometimes it’s difficult putting words on the feelings we receive.

We are all born with intuition and instinct, like the animals. Reading energies are our survival mechanism in every moment.

That’s Amore!

Unconditional Love


When safety has been established, healing can begin.

Picture by Rita Esposito

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Where Life Takes You


Its interesting with life. Where you are now, and where you were 20 years ago.
Someone mentioned @st.georgmagazin to me yesterday. Vaguely I remembered that name. That’s when I remembered the amazing journalist/chief of director took me through Germany to different secret clients. ❤️Tonight I realized that I never got the article translated. And little would I know, back then, that I would live in Germany and have my own horses (but still cannot ride)

Be respectful to life and the people you met, you always meet them twice in life. That’s Amore!