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A Cry For Help


Children and Women, never give up asking for help, even when you you don’t feel heard, keep asking.

During the depression I stopped listening. It was enough with feeling the pain, I couldn’t bare to hear it too.

One day I saw what my son had written on the wall.

I couldn’t be blind and deaf.

I saw the truth. The cry for help.

There was no time to shame.

That’s Amore!

Private picture




Today I start my rehabilitation to get the movement back in my right hand fingers.

It’s amazing how much we need our thumb.

Frustrating not to be able to do what I normally do, things I have done thousands of times without thinking. Like Button my pants, my bra, shirt, opening jars, taking off and putting on horse blankets… you name it! Try yourself not to be able to use your thumb….my favorite thing….writing!!!!

But slowly I have made progress, and I have to thank my children 13 and 11 years old for their amazing support. Cooking, making coffee and making me feel better (and seen and sometimes wiping off my tears)

I never thought a dog bite could create so much danger and damage! I have been lucky with all The thousands of dogs I have been working with without a scratch.

I noticed though, when dogs are coming barking towards me — and I am not prepared, I sweat!

Not good, something I truly need to work on too.

But the best thing is that Sammy( that was attacked) is home and doing wonderful. To kiss him and feel his stinky breath again.

That’s Amore!

It’s Easy to Forget


Sometimes I forget how long I have been fighting. Fighting against animal abuse, children abuse, bad school systems, but maybe, I mostly forget how much I (am) have been fighting for myself. Growing and Healing in different countries far away from “home”.

With two wonderful amazing children by my side, which I one day Hope will understand my story.❤️

⭐️Owning your story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.⭐️

Amazing Transformation GummiBear


Five months between the first picture and second picture of GummiBear, when he arrived to us from southern Italy.

We where very concerned that GummiBear wouldn’t pass the veterinarian inspection in Italy. Then, we were concerned he wouldn’t do well on the trip up to southern Germany to live with us.

I knew his heart was broken and his body but still, he wanted to have another chance in life.

Me and my 12 year old daughter listens to our client and then goes from there. GummiBear knows better than us in what direction.

However, our veterinarian did tests and he had a murmur on his heart (broken heart) and Cushing and low iron. Nothing that we couldn’t handle but of course he needed it right away!

It took maybe one month for him to realize he was safe and could trust us. We walked by his side still listening.

He started to take walks with me in the Forrest, he had the most gorgeous mare nest to him Rihanna. The place he stays at are many well known horses. He wanted to be glowing as them.

They saw his energy from who he was from the past.

His fur fell off and we saw his Hannover brand on his back leg.

Five months….and he gave us his green light. He is ready for life with his well deserved freedom. To show people, listen and you will discover another side of life.

(GummiBear 25y old, born in Germany, sold to south Italy Puglia to be a riding school horse. Then sold to Italy, Naples to continuing being a school horse)

That’s Amore!

Sparkle of Love or Thunder of Anger


We all yell sometimes! It can be for many different reasons. Some maybe doesn’t think it has a bad affect, they are only releasing some steam.

No one likes to be yelled at. No one!

Most important, No children should have to start their mornings by being yelled at. Going to school feeling miserable, stomach ache, nervous not getting to the bathroom on time.

No other children on the school yard understands why the sadness, or frustration in the kids face. They didn’t hear him being yelled at in the car, before being dropped off by school.

The child’s inner voice feeling rejected, worthless, hurt, stupid.

The teacher doesn’t know what’s going on. Maybe the child will be labeled for something that’s not accurate. Lazy, dreamer, trouble maker, meaner!

How would we feel if our boss or neighbor yelled at us? How would we go through our day?

What would your inner voice tell you?

If and when we lose it, apologize and talk about it to the child. Admit that you acted wrongly. Talk about a solution calmly and invite your child to come up with a solution too.

Don’t forget that hug, and eye contact.

Eyes never lies.

Sparkle love to your own heart, breath, and sparkle double extra to your child’s heart(s)

That’s Amore!



I love working with Animals. I have been privileged to do so since 20 years ago or is it more?

To rescue you an Animals is also being rescued yourself. The animals keep reminding you to stay focused on one main thing and the rest will follow. Trust in life and to become well again. Stop eating, however drink water, meditate and sick help also from someone with knowledge and experience and passion.

This is GummiBear that came to me and AWL 2 1/2 month ago. He was thin, heart problem, Cushing, low on iron.

In the moment with feelings like trust and love, you are already on the right way!

For more info about my and awl work, visit our website, http://www.animalswithoutlimits.com

That’s Amore!

Max Started School


What a big day! Max went back to school and this time American Elementary School.

He started out in Italian Kindergarten, then German Kindergarten and Pree School. He loved his friends and his teacher.

Then he stared German first class together with second class. Now everything went down hill. Several mean children started to hit Max, bully and put garlic sausage all over his back pack.

Spitting and chasing. Red bruises after being hit several times. I tried to talk to the teacher, but it was to no help. Principal was never there.

And how easy was it to bring forward my concern in a language I didn’t speak! Other side, maybe that was a blessing since I think I would have said many things I would have regretted.

Several different opinions but mostly, “hit back!” Or “spit back” how if none of them were in my way of thinking.

Well the teacher did not support and even she started to be unfair. Max had a hard time writing and reading German. She took his paper and made it into a paper all and threw it away with angry words! Max cried!

The class laughed.

That day did Max stop reading. He started to hit his head with his fist crying saying, “I am stupid!”

I pulled him out of school! Homeschooling was on my Agenda!

The reaction was mixed from silent to “I could never do that, I love my free time!”

“You will isolate him! Children need friends and socialization!”

It was a frustrating time between having a son that didn’t want to live anymore to many people saying I did wrong!

We homeschooled for 1 1/2 and it has been fun and tough catching up with English and 1-2 class. His confidence was the hardest! His wounded young heart! But we did it!!

I am going to write on my link about homeschooling as I promised quiet some time ago. I have met wonderful co op moms and teachers (and I became one myself)

It was worth “my” time!

Max started American 3 grade and the teachers, children are amazing.

The school has as a goal to have zero tolerance for bullying, talking back, talking down to yourself. Amazing projects and subjects. He got German and Spanish classes on His schedule.

Max, mostly I am proud over YOU!

I love you!