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Emotions are Loud in the Silence


đŸ–€ Emotionally abuse is to often not taken seriously. It cannot always been seen. Or, explained in words by Children and Animals.

When an Animal or Child are sending voiceless actions, it’s speaking to you.

That’s Voiceless Amore!

To My Unborn Daughter


I wrote this manuscript back in 2000 about child and women abuse. I was single, no children and wanted it that way.

The Editor at the Publishing Company thought it was a page turner. The Chief of the Publisher said no — đŸ‘šđŸ»with the words; “no normal person wants to read about this subject.”

Are we ready now! đŸ’ȘđŸ» I sure am

(❀ no pity pls, instead đŸ’ȘđŸ»)

The Power to Destroy


Predatory animals usually devour prey in order to convert flesh into fuel.

Most human predators, however, seek power, not food. To destroy or damage something is to take its power.

Gavin de Becker book The Gift of Fear

Our First Commercial


So much fun back then.

Created by talented Sanne Stenbeck

Grieving Hope


Grieving is an important way to say goodbye to a loved one. Painful as it is, it’s a way to remember that you have felt love. Grieving is an important direction towards healing. It doesn’t mean to forget, it only means when time is right, you are ready to give the love you had, to someone else.

You are not replacing. You are starting to understand the meaning of unconditionally love.

When it was time to say goodbye to Gummibear, our beloved rescue horse, was it important to have my children present. Their schools understood when I wrote and explained.

The children and I picked wild flowers while talking about life and death. Not to fear, however, dare to feel, and let go.

There is no ending. Only a new beginning, somewhere else, where the grass is greener.

That’s Amore!

The Tone Delivers the Growth


💚 The way we talk to our children and our horses, becomes their inner voice.

Picture: my brave Max

Livestream pÄ MÄndag


Foto Peter Knutsson & Kathrin Gralla

Instagram nu PÄ mÄndag 8/2 kl. 18.00 sÀnder @carinalidbom livestream del 2 med mig som gÀst igen.
SÄ otroligt roligt och jag hoppas ni ocksÄ kommer att tycka detsamma.

Mera djurkommunikation, hur gör man, vilket sprĂ„k pratar de pĂ„ đŸ€”
Budskap frÄn Andra Sidan, djur berÀttar, men ocksÄ ett annat djupt Àmne kommer upp. För hur började allting egentligen?

FrĂ„gor eller önskemĂ„l tas ❀ emot.

That’s Amore!

Follow the Energy of Admiration


Admire someone for their strength and growth in life. Try not to idolize, since we all go threw lessons and experiences in life. Admire their accomplishments, and become the same life energy, on your own path in life. Try not to dream to become the person, but dream of becoming the persons accomplishments in your own harmony and respect.

That’s Amore!

GĂ€star Carina Lidbom del 2


SÄ himla fantastiskt att Ni vill höra mera av mina och djurens berÀttelser! Tack underbara ni.

Skriv gÀrna in i eran kalender att lyssna den 8 februari klockan 18.00 pÄ Instagram @carinalidbom

En liten djupare presentation om mig, dĂ„ dĂ€r Ă€r mĂ„nga som inte vet vem jag riktigt Ă€r. Jag har bott utomlands sedan 2004 men fortsatt att arbeta med djuren. En liten nĂ€rmre förklaring hur jag kommunicerar med djuren. Vilket sprĂ„k kommunicerar djuren, Ă€r en Ă„terkommande frĂ„ga jag fĂ„r. T.e.x förstĂ„r jag en hund frĂ„n Kina? 🙂

LĂ€ngtar att Ă„ter trĂ€ffa er i livestream “En fantastisk stund” med Carina Lidbom!

That’s Amore!

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