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We adults are forgetting many times how it is to stay in school a whole day, in an environment that’s loud from different emotions. A school full of “beautiful souls” dragging their “home environment “ with them in their backpacks.

Hiding from whom they might be angry at, but mostly attacking the wrong person. ⭐️You are a beautiful person with a big heart. Sometimes people are mean because they want what you got inside your heart.
Stay beautiful and don’t let dark words shut your light.

Find an adult that you feel safe talking to, and that makes you feel heard. Your words should be taken seriously. That’s Amore!

The Weight on a Child’s Shoulder


A child’s shoulder were not built to bear the weight of their parents choices.

You cannot change what you don’t know, however, when you do know, you have a choice. It’s painful, maybe shameful, frightening, feeling alone and scared.

But you can do it! Get professional help, and do not be afraid of trying different ways. As long as your intuition, and feeling empowered grows, you will grow towards healing.

It will take time.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” — John C. Maxwell–

That’s Amore!

Be who you Admire without Copying



I become the people I surrond myself with, and I choose to be around people who motivate  and push me to be a better version of myself every single day. 

I am not saying good bye to all my old friends, however, I am welcoming new friends.

Its going to be a good 2020, I have decided.

I am back in school, studying  Children’s Rights in Theory and Practise at Harvard on line.

Still rescuing Animals which will always be a big part of my life. Soon another interesting project is coming up. Structuring up my new life first.





Privat Photo; against prostitution and trafficking Stuttgart.

Listening to the Teacher



Healing from horses has a major effect on our brains (and hearts) It is not only our puls which slows down, but also our breathing becomes deeper.  Now, please don’t get confused over some riders that are yelling angry while sitting on their horse. Or getting irritated at another rider passing them to close, or a walking person with their dog lose.

Frustration over something else effects the horse which is already very sensitive with their intuition and instinct = surviving mechanism. Pulling in their mouth, whipping, or spurs slamming in their sides is an unpleasant surprise for the horse. (horse trying to look and feel where he puts his hooves, at the same, time listening on our unclear information from the saddle.)

Right now, I am writing/thinking about people which connects with their horse in a quiet way, ex. without Iphones in their hands– (I cannot watch people while sitting on their horse, checking their Smartphones. What in the world happened in 30 minutes since you last checked?)


  • Horses are never rolling their eyes at you,
  • or sigh,  when you constantly repeat your problems,
  • or holding your lovely love speech for them.
  • You are a team, you are nothing without your horse.
  • They learn different peoples cues/training, that must mean they think and feel!

I believe that rescuing horses are an amazing project. You do not know what kind of character you are rescuing, and it’s my job to let the ‘character’ heal and come out by itself.

  • Work on mutual trust.

Olivia, my daughter, has been by my side, since toddler time, by following the horses directions. It has actually helped her grow as a rider (and caretaker).

  • Horses are the teachers.

You  buy a horse. Maybe after some months, problems are starting to show up. Many times it is up to  99%  your lack of ‘listening’ skills. (same in ana relationship)

Imagine, I would raise a child and later send it to a relative. This relative many times starts by ‘telling’ the child ‘his/hers’ rules and believes. (not in a mean way– you cannot change what you don’t acknowledge–)

Lentil, was a big handsome horse, and when I say big horse, I mean huge. When I saw him for the first time I noticed his loving heart, and not to forget his bright mind. Lentils former owner had raised him with straightforward guidance and love. Lentil was her shining star and it broke both their hearts when she had to sell him, even if it was to a very skilled rider. When non one saw them she kissed Lentil good bye, and told him he would go to a very good stable. The new owners were kindhearted.

Lentil trusted her.

Lentil was a young horse, and raised with plenty of time and playfulness. The owner didn’t want him to grow up to an ‘empty mind’ horse, like a machine. When she made him ready in the box, he would play gentle with his big teeth towards her. When she used her gentle but firm voice, telling him they had to stop playing, he listened.

  • She gave him time.

Lentil wanted and needed to work with his balance. He was scared of lifting his hoof when needed to be cleaned. Do you know how scary it is from my height! he said.

  • His breeder had worked with encouragement. He was a horse that needed a lot of ‘kind voice’ clarifications.

The small problems started when  his former owner never shared these ‘small’ indications– but had big impacts in the future for Lentil– She didn’t think they mattered that much.

The new owners, even how kind they were, had their own routines, and their knowledge, and didn’t always have the time to listen. Confusion started when Lentil got ‘punished’ when he did his ‘playing.’ which had made laughter before.

Actually, the problem is not when we have to many horses, and to many children. It is our outside environment around us that disturbs our connections. There is a bucket full of thoughts and needs, that can be impossible to sort out, if not given your absolute fullest time to each one off them.

  • Shut the outside out while working. Become one.
  • Meditate together

Lack of time listening = will create either a revolting horse/child, or a withdrawing horse/child.

Time, listening and meeting the characters = will absolutely become a winning team. Both with horses and children.

  • Both horses and children got true and honest emotional capacities.

When we start to listen instead of justifying ourselves, a new world of knowledge will opening up infront of us.

That’s Amore!

Children — Women — Animal– Rights


All children, women, animals have the rights to be protected from violence inflicted on them by anyone in their lives – whether parents, teachers, friends, romantic partners, strangers or owners.

And all forms of violence experienced by children and animals, regardless of the nature or severity of the act, are harmful. Beyond the unnecessary hurt and pain it causes, violence undermines children’s sense of self-worth and hinders their development.

Same goes for Animals.


privat picture.