Mia Mattsson Mercer

Children and Animal Warrior

People Closes Doors-Horses Opens New Ones


Hearts in Harmony part II

Harrison has helped writting and filled in the thoughts we do not know about. He has given us his permission to publish it.

2019 I received a message from a young man about 22 years old asking if AWL was doing some kind of therapy work with horses and humans. Or any kind of volunteer program that had to do together with animals. His psychologist and therapist had recommended he try to find a place where he could find emotional support and find peace of mind together with horses.  Harrison visited us over the weekends to walk and care for our Senior rescue horses.  All the horses accepted Harrison with his calmness and carrots but especially Oregon. Oregon, a big palomino, which was 30 years old but acted many times like a five-year-old stallion. He could test you by suddenly taking off, dragging you around. Everyone chuckled at the Oregon show. Oregon also loved when you brushed him, that’s when he started with the love bites. Oregon truly tested your patience and love. Like an American football player, he could push his big heavy head into your stomach. However, with Harrison, he was most of the time calm and quiet. Oregon loved him. 

My job is not to talk to our volunteers, however, if they want I am always there. The main job is for the person to connect with the horses and her/his emotions and feelings. The purpose is that you are alone, in a quiet harmonious atmosphere together with the horse.  You are in the moment, you connect more to your inner thoughts, your heart rate slows down, and your breathing slows down into a deeper rhythm together with the horse and nature.

No iPhones, it stays in the car!

Oregon and Harrison connected quickly and a bond grew between them. I could see Oris waiting for Harrison very hopeful.

Harrison had problems at his workplace, which escalated to other personal matters. It was like the whole world just fell apart. Depression and loneliness grew fast. Harrison was faced with abusive leadership and retaliation for whistleblowing about his toxic leaders. Harrison had been having issues with his personal life to include romantic relationships. Depression, anxiety, a complicated relationship, and new medications had caused him to make a mistake. A mistake that took him months to forgive himself for. A mistake that his command made an unfair, biased, and corrupted decision not based on fact or reality. Feelings, emotions, bullying cannot become justice in a court only made-up facts. 

Animals read the truth in the human’s energy right away. You are accepted if you have an honest, sincere meaning.

Harrison held his head up even though he was dealing with depression, bullying, immaturity, and unprofessional conduct. Harrison ended up being discharged from the Army but continued to visit all the horses especially Oregon until his very last day. Harrison had together with Oregon planned a new future since his thoughts and feelings could be clear. Harrison wanted more than anything to prove to himself more than anyone that he is and was not a monster like he was made out to be. Oregon and Harrison away from dark thoughts and gave him purpose. Harrison sadly had to leave us and went back to America. I received an email that he had started practicum at a veterinarian clinic. And 24 August 2021 he is starting his 2-year college to become a “Certified Veterinary Technician” and eventually a Doctor.

Horses give us courage and directions. Together with them we can go into the silence and hear our desires and goals without no one rolling their eyes back towards us. 

That’s Amore

We are proud over your Harrison

(note from Harrison,”Everyone else for that matter, and the other horses, and Mia as well helped me”

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