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Thank You Garden


The beauty of the garden, a place for healing and gratitude, relaxation and reflection.

That’s Amore!

The Sound under a Tree


Can you imagine the sound from all the bumble bees?

This morning I took my coffee, and went down to this magnificent tree in our garden. When the children were very small, they used to call this tree “the banana tree” Max, even tried to eat one of the yellow flowers.

The stillness at this moment, only birds and bumble bees. A cat walks by, slowly on his way home, after a night out.

The peacefulness, that’s the feeling I always want to carry with me, inside my heart.

That’s Amore!

Other fantastic tree in our garden.

The Magic from Mother Nature


While inspecting the garden yesterday, I found these three beautiful flowers just standing there in front of me.

I have always loved the ‘British Garden” romantic kind of wild gardening.

Graciously organized by nature, as only nature can make it with many different kind of flowers. Everyone sort are welcomed!

My ex and I would always argue when the garden time was up. I welcomed every flower, which organized its beauty by itself. All the bumble bees and butterflies making their happy sounds.

While he wanted the garden green grass and trimmed. No weeds. No colors.

Two different styles. Two different minds.

But look at the picture, how magnificent the chess-squares are on the flowers. They are stunning perfect.

I had no idea about their name, but many came back. I learned this beauty in many different languages. Thank you everyone.

In Swedish Kungslilja (The Lily of King) In Latin and German, the flower is called Fritilaria meleagris (Schachbrettblume) And, in English, not so charming name, Snake Heads Fritillary.

One thing we can all agree upon….Mother Nature is fabulous.

That’s Amore!