Mia Mattsson Mercer

Children and Animal Warrior

Amazing Love




In my weekly columns, I always say we have a lot to learn form the Animals. I always call the stray dogs, (that I documented for soon to be ten years,)  they are my Mini Buddhists. 

Animals are the one that taught me many things about life, and especially about Humans.

My heart melts when I read about Penguins true love to keep their romance alive. How a male will find the smoothest pebble to give to a female as a gift. Can you imagine his thoughts when he is walking around looking at different pebbles, ” No, not that one! No, this one got to sharp edges. There it is! The most beautiful pebble for my lady.”

If the female penguin accept the pebble, she will place it in the nest.

It feels like when my son is out looking for beautiful rocks to bring home to me. Or, my daughter picking gorgous see shells for me, or a man choosing the rock for his fiancé s ring

That’s Amore!


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