Mia Mattsson Mercer

Children and Animal Warrior

Dream Symbols


As many of you know I was invited to Hawaii to swim with wild dolphins away from tourists. They came on their own terms and we never touched them. It was amazing and so much happens inside of you. Dreams come towards you stronger, different emotions activates inside of you. You can only go with the flow.


In the afternoons we had different kind of meditations. Several times different symbols of writing came up to me. First an old type writer came flying in the air towards me. It was a very slow motion and when I thought about how old it was, it zoomed in on the beautiful old keyboard.

I was amazed by it. I love to write however my time never seems to be there enough. However, I am going to make time. Its difficult when you have a busy schedule and you like doing all those things. However, its getting lighter every evening….I am getting som extra new hours were I can do the writing.


The best of being under water among the beauty…..time stod still. I was one with everything. That’s Amore!


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