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Max Started School


What a big day! Max went back to school and this time American Elementary School.

He started out in Italian Kindergarten, then German Kindergarten and Pree School. He loved his friends and his teacher.

Then he stared German first class together with second class. Now everything went down hill. Several mean children started to hit Max, bully and put garlic sausage all over his back pack.

Spitting and chasing. Red bruises after being hit several times. I tried to talk to the teacher, but it was to no help. Principal was never there.

And how easy was it to bring forward my concern in a language I didn’t speak! Other side, maybe that was a blessing since I think I would have said many things I would have regretted.

Several different opinions but mostly, “hit back!” Or “spit back” how if none of them were in my way of thinking.

Well the teacher did not support and even she started to be unfair. Max had a hard time writing and reading German. She took his paper and made it into a paper all and threw it away with angry words! Max cried!

The class laughed.

That day did Max stop reading. He started to hit his head with his fist crying saying, “I am stupid!”

I pulled him out of school! Homeschooling was on my Agenda!

The reaction was mixed from silent to “I could never do that, I love my free time!”

“You will isolate him! Children need friends and socialization!”

It was a frustrating time between having a son that didn’t want to live anymore to many people saying I did wrong!

We homeschooled for 1 1/2 and it has been fun and tough catching up with English and 1-2 class. His confidence was the hardest! His wounded young heart! But we did it!!

I am going to write on my link about homeschooling as I promised quiet some time ago. I have met wonderful co op moms and teachers (and I became one myself)

It was worth “my” time!

Max started American 3 grade and the teachers, children are amazing.

The school has as a goal to have zero tolerance for bullying, talking back, talking down to yourself. Amazing projects and subjects. He got German and Spanish classes on His schedule.

Max, mostly I am proud over YOU!

I love you!

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