Mia Mattsson Mercer

Children and Animal Warrior


I homeschooled my children for two (2) years. There were moments of terrifying feelings, and numerous of questions. — Could I make it work? Would I?

Of course it is different from family to family. What do you want to achieve for you, and your children. Planning and questions are the keys to find out if it something you want to do, and if your children will enjoy it.

A very wise man said ones, “When you homeschool, you never stop teaching!” That is so correct. Wherever we went, in the car, or to a museum, we talked, we had discussions.

One wise woman homeschooled her two daughters. Then one day the older daughter wanted to go to public school. Her mother didn’t object at all, quiet opposite. The younger daughter tried, but didn’t like it at all. Now, the younger is very bright and outgoing, but she needed the extra quiet time to learn.

Every family story is different, and so is mine. I wanted to homeschool them until they felt ready to go back to school again. We moved every three year to different countries, different schools, different cultures. As exiting as it can sound, exploring and getting a lot of new memories, it was also a nightmare for many reasons. Our family situation wasn’t stabil, different culture, different ways of teaching (that I didn’t agree was healthy). However, there were fantastic teachers, but when school year ended changed a new teacher entered into their lives. Teachers that didn’t feel well inside of themselves, that struggled with their health. It was difficult for the children to understand without any explanations why yelling and doing cruel things inside the classroom.

Bullying, harassment by other children that had difficulty in their own homes.

to be continued….

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